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January 22


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 January 22, 2019

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Olymp Trade bonus – How to get up to 100% Deposit bonus

Olymp Trade bonus

Promo codes for trading on the site of the innovative it companies Olymp Trade help with minimal effort to make a Deposit to your account in an increased volume. For experienced traders working with serious amounts, the increase will not be very significant, but for beginners, the extra $100 to the account will not be a burden.

What is it?

Bonuses in Olymp Trade, received through the promotional code-it’s not some mythical virtual units, which is unknown how else to use, but quite real money, immediately coming to the trader’s Deposit along with the amount of replenishment. They can be used for trading without any restrictions and caution. Problems arise only when withdrawing funds. This will be discussed below.

Types of promo codes and bonuses

Promotional codes in 2018-2019 at Olymp Trade a lot. Among them, you can find convenient trading to receive bonus funds on Deposit for both an experienced trader and a beginner. Let’s consider all the main trading in more detail.

For first registration

Innovative IT-company is interested in attracting new traders because its profit is based on the turnover of transactions. Simply put, the more contracts are concluded, the higher the income. As a result, Olymp Trade offers to get a 100% bonus to the deposit on a promotional code designed to attract new traders. You can register on the platform using the form to the right of this text.

The client will receive the money almost immediately after the first replenishment of his account. For example, if you plan to replenish the balance by$ 100, the same amount can be received by the trader as bonuses. As a result, he gets twice the amount to trade, which automatically implies increased profits. According to the rules, you can trade no more than 10% of the Deposit. In the case of $ 100-is$10. And if the account will be $ 200, and contracts can be opened for $20, and this is 2 times more profit.

For the replenishment

Olymp Trade promo codes, as a bonus to trading, are often issued simply for depositing funds. As a rule, really large amounts ranging from$ 500 and above are taken into account. The company independently calculates the Deposit amount and makes a decision whether to give the trader a Deposit bonus or not. This information can be seen immediately in the Deposit window, even before receiving the bonus. By the way, there you can refuse it.

Get bonus upon registration

Promo code Olymp Trade

For getting VIP status

The company Olymp Trade bonuses are awarded for virtually any actions you’ve taken. In particular, when a trader receives VIP status. This, though not too complicated process, but requires some effort from the exchange participant. For the company, this status brings a little less income, but it provides a stable flow of funds, and this is in many cases more profitable than the momentary one-time profit. As a result, the company awards its customers.

bonus vip

Promotional offer

It is not necessary to exclude quite spontaneous shares, in which deposits are also issued. Their cause can be anything from the anniversary of the founding of the company and ending with any professional holidays, the introduction of a new asset, installation on the update platform and so on.

The size of the bonus

There is no clearly fixed bonus amount. It varies in a very wide range, starting from 10% and ending 200%. As a rule, beginners in Olymp Trade always get 100% of their initial Deposit. Depending on the ongoing promotion, the amount of bonuses can vary greatly.

How to use?

To get the benefits of the code in Olymp Trade, you need to go to the “Payment” and select the desired type of Deposit. Next, on the right side of the screen you need to click on this part of the menu:

how to get bonus

A window will open where it is enough to select the “promotional Code” and click on it. As a result, the trader will see the following picture:

promo code

Then enter the promotional code and immediately get the desired bonus to the Deposit.

What are the characteristics?

A feature of any bonus and promotional code is the fact that it is provided by the company under certain conditions. Most often you need to make a certain number of operations. And all would be well, because the purpose of working on the exchange and is to open contracts, but in this case implies not only profitable, but also unprofitable transactions. As a result, to be able to withdraw your money, you first need to lose part. In any case, the benefits received from the bonuses are several times higher than such costs.

Get bonus upon registration

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