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 February 6, 2019

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Olymp Trade Viet nam

Olymp Trade Việt nam – Background description and reviews

Olymp Trade It is an international online trading platform. An actively growing finance company, which has been in business since 2014. The owner of the Olymp Trade brand is a registered company in the Seychelles. Currently, the number of Olymp Trade clients who live in Vietnam is steadily increasing and the modern conditions of trading, services and software available predict that development will continue into the future.


Olymp Trade: the main advantages

Olymp Trade Vietnam is considered to be one of the best companies suitable for traders who are only accustomed to making money based on options.

This is explained by the following factors:

  • Platform interface optimized for Russian speaking users.
  • Traders who decide to test their abilities in the financial markets have access to a rechargeable demo account in the usual 10,000 units (rubles, euros or dollars). To activate it, you do not need to make an initial deposit.
  • You can make commercial transactions (replenish your own balance) in any currency: euros, dollars or rubles
  • The minimum deposit is 10 euros / dollars
  • The minimum stake is 1 dollar / euro
  • No commission is charged for all technical activities related to deposits / withdrawals.
  • The bonus program is valid (the bonus amount is floating and within the limit of 20-100%)


There are 2 types of option trading on the platform:

  • During trading (from 1 minute to several hours)
  • According to expiration time (from 1 minute)

The company took utmost care to ensure that the terminal’s functional characteristics were clear even those living in Vietnam with the first to know about the opportunity to make money (Platforms get translated into Vietnamese ). The main feature of the Olymp Trade platform is the early close option available here (it is in effect almost 75% of the time since the position is activated). When a trade is profitable, but under uncertain circumstances, there is a possibility that due to the expiration of the selected time, the price may change its course. When a trade shows negative results and has no prospects for further changes (when using early closing, traders instead of 100% will themselves limit losses to 20-30% of the bet amount. bet).

Attention! The early close function is available on both live and trial accounts. Therefore, users can get acquainted with the usage mechanism without having to invest their own money. Olymp Trade uses the prices of investment banks and displays the average value on the platform.

Transaction characteristics

Over 60 instruments available for trading:

  • Currency pairs (major with USD, cross rates, exotic pairs, cryptocurrency bitcoin)
  • Commodities (gold, silver, oil, etc.)
  • Stock index
  • Stock Exchange

Trading on the platform can take place around the clock, thanks to the presence of crypto assets and special development company CryptoIndex. It shows high productivity (up to 70% on the regular account), even on weekends.

You can trade several types of options: lower premium classic time options and time options. In the first option, you need to give a prediction about the increase / decrease of the selected asset. In the case of the trade time option, you anticipate an increase / decrease in price at a certain time. Trading times can be selected from 1 minute to 23 hours, and the platform’s function allows you to set your time, for example, 2 minutes.

Olymp Trade viet nam assets

Olymp Trade sets limits on both the minimum (1 €) and the maximum amount of the trade (1000 €). This technique is intended to assist novice users who, due to lack of experience, cannot accurately calculate transactions and take risks. On the other hand, the limit is large enough to not limit the trading of experienced traders.


Personal VIP manager Olymp Trade

The broker offers many benefits for traders with VIP accounts. With this status, your bidding will become more profitable and profitable.

VIP account benefits:

  • Personal consulting VIP Analytics
  • Earnings increased from transactions from 82% to 90% on currency pairs (guaranteed 6 assets with high interest: 2 equal 84%, 2 equal 87%, 2 equal 90%)
  • Presence of stock with a maximum percentage of earnings over two assets 92%
  • Trade without risk
  • Exclusive VIP webinars

If, before working with a broker, a trader has no experience trading in financial markets, then a VIP account might be a sensible approach! To become a VIP trader it is enough to replenish the balance in the amount of 12,000 dollars / 2,000 euros.

Olymp Trade viet nam Vip


Olymp Trade – Scam?

One of the practical questions of many online forums: Viet Nam Olymp Trade – are scammers or really reliable platforms fulfil their obligations to users and provide opportunities to make money? There are many scam sites on the Internet today. We regularly receive complaints from traders about the companies scam traders in various ways: the manager did not respond after the money was transferred to the account or the user was unable to receive the funds OK.

Therefore, traders want to make sure that Olymp Trade is a serious organization that offers their clients the full range of services for their work. Having studied a lot of forex scammers, we can tell you that Olymp Trade is not a scam, but a worthwhile trading platform with a good reputation. The platform is not gone, customer support managers are happy to answer all of your questions. The company’s website is stable, with no issues and issues.

Reviews of YouTube bloggers about Olymp Trade

In many ways, Olymp Trade has become popular in our country, thanks to the withdrawal of the Leading IQ Trading Broker from the market. This platform has implemented overly active advertising campaigns on the internet, including on Youtube. After the broker left Russia, his client was forced to go to the Olymp Trade website. PR managers who have promoted IQ trading on the Internet now need a new broker to have a stable income. Their attention also turned to Olymp Trade and advertising started to appear massively on the Internet.

A lot of brokerage ads appear on Youtube. Videos of the trader-rapper, businessman Rublyovka and even the girls in underwear, who enthusiastically tell the public how she makes a lot from Olymp Trade, are popular. Such scammers have advised market players to deliberately mislead the wrong strategy, unique techniques, which, in their opinion, should have guaranteed high returns when investing in options. But the merchants trusted them. Using unverified information, you need to be more careful, then, on the other side of the screen, an inexperienced trader or even a teen who considers himself intelligent is talking to you, but in fact he is just a deceiver. Usually, the strategies given to you by a YouTube trading specialist will not bring in income and will result in a loss of money in the account.

Recently, there have been many negative reviews about the broker, so now everyone is asking – what is Olymp Trade? Is that a hoax or true? The User complains that the wrong quote is provided in the terminal, with no chance to make a profit. Merchants, using the ‘win-win trading technique’ they offer on YouTube, have lost their money for this. What is left for? Just write a negative review about Olymp Trade: that this broker stole their deposit, that the platform was fraudulent and so on.


Olymp Trade is a reliable and rapidly growing financial company. This has even been stated by the experts of the Financial Commission, to which Olymp Trade joined in early 2016. Membership of the highest class ‘A’ allows traders to rely on compensation. up to $ 20,000 in the case of active dispute resolution with a broker. Additionally, the Olymp Trade platform has received the FinaCom Certification confirming that the product complies with industry standards.

Highly rated broker on the international market. In 2016, the company received 3 prestigious awards and became the Publisher’s Best Binary Options Broker by the AWARDS KROUFR AWARDS Awards, The Best Binary Options Trading Platform by The Awards IAIR AWARDS Award Fastest Growing Broker according to Show FX World.

Olymp Trade Vietnam, which has placed bets on traders who start their operations, has created the optimal conditions for working in the world of progressive investment. He currently offers a quality product for binary options and forex trading, for both beginners and experienced traders.

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