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Olymp Trade available for traders from all countries except Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, UK, EU (all countries), Israel.

Olymp Trade company has bonuses that are awarded to traders for different actions. You can also use a demo account. Mostly for the replenishment of the Deposit. But the attitude of market participants to them is quite biased due to the fact that there is such an opinion that this is all a continuous divorce and the alleged bonus significantly limits the trader’s opportunities. Formally, Yes, there are some restrictions, but they are small enough to pay attention to them. In this article, we will consider in detail the features of receiving, withdrawing, and using bonuses.

How to get Olymp Trade bonus for deposit?

Promo code for Olymp Trade is a special bonus coupon consisting of a set of numbers and letters. If you enter these symbols when funding your account, you will receive up to 100 percent of the Deposit amount. For example, you make $ 350 if you use the promo code 100%, then you will be credited to the balance of $700. Next, let’s see how it all works. To get started in the personal Cabinet, and click “Make a deposit” then select the payment method, and to the right from the list, select “promotion code” (see screenshot below) bonus-olymp-trade After selecting this item, you will see a special form where you need to enter the characters for an added bonus to your Deposit.

I would like to note that there is such an opportunity to get a 100% bonus from Olymp Trade without using promo coupons. I advise you to read the article about it here. If you do not have a special code, do not worry, Olymp Trade always gives additional bonuses. When replenishing in the amount of $100, you can get the top 20%, and the more the amount of replenishment, the greater the additional percentage. For example, if you deposit $ 200, an additional bonus will be 20%, if your Deposit is $300, the bonus will be 30%, and if you deposit $5000, the bonus will be 50%. Also, you should know that at any time you will be able to withdraw your money, and the bonus does not need to work out. Only here there is such a system, most of the other companies, you will have to work out a bonus to withdraw money.

Where to get a promo code for Olymp Trade

So we come to the most important point. Where to actually get these coupons? Olymp Trade bonuses, as they become available, we will publish here.

If you do not see the promotional code below, it means that it is currently unavailable, as these coupons appear periodically and their validity is limited.

binop30 +30% Deposit (from $50)

  boy30 +30% Deposit. Validity period: 22/11/2019 – 31/12/2020 (Deposit from $50)

rimba30 +30% Deposit. Validity period: 09/01/2020 – 31/03/2023 (Deposit from $50)

BIGSIG20 +20% Deposit. Validity period: 14/02/2020 – 31/01/2021 (Deposit from $50)

BIGSIG30 +30% Deposit. Validity period: 14/02/2020 – 31/01/2021 (Deposit from $50)

SKSD007 +30% Deposit. Validity period: 29/04/2020 – 29/04/2021 (Deposit from $50)


50% bonus here

The 50% Bonus is only valid for a few days. We regularly update this promotional code. Watch for updates.

Can I withdraw my bonus from Olymp Trade?

And now let’s move on to why bonuses are considered a Scam. The point is, it’s impossible to get them to withdraw. Yes, Olymp Trade is ready to share its money with you and will even bear certain risks in this regard (you can not withdraw them, but it is quite possible to lose on unsuccessful transactions), but the company is not ready to just give money and allow them to withdraw.

As a result, all you can do with bonuses is to trade with them, earn money and then withdraw them, leaving the number of bonuses untouchable. By the way, divorce can not be considered even with a strong desire, as the company immediately warns about such a system and allows you to replenish the account without any bonuses.

Conclusion Bonuses this is quite a useful thing, both with large amounts and with a small replenishment. Yes, they have some drawbacks in the fact that they can not be derived, but the advantages in terms of additional profits, yet significantly more. And greater they are. Register, learn, train, and start earning on your own. And then decide for yourself whether you need bonuses or not.

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