Olymp Trade Economic calendar – How to use?

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What Is an Economic Calendar Olymp Trade?

An economic calendar shows the scheduled news events or data releases related to the economy and financial markets. These include GDP, Non-Farm Payroll numbers and interest rate decisions.
Because you know these events cause volatility, which they may not want to be a part of, many traders cancel their pending orders, causing a drop in liquidity right before a market moving event occurs. Because there are fewer orders to absorb market buy or sell orders (or stop loss orders) that are triggered by the event, the price will often “whipsaw” very quickly back and forth before choosing a more sustained direction.

In this class, we will learn how to build a trading matrix to prepare ahead of time to trade the event learning to set market neutral, market positive and market negative.

Real Time Economic Calendar provided by Investing.com.

How to use an economic calendar Olymp Trade

Default setting of the Economic calendar on Investing.com includes all major global economic events, broken down into significant economic events planned for the current day, for the largest developed and emerging market economies.

Tabs at the top of the table allow users to view other time frames, including the results of the previous day, as well as a broader forecast for the current week and next week. For more specificity, use the calendar button to set up filtering by date or dates.

The filter button in the right corner above the table allows users to select only those events that they want to see in the economic calendar, whether by a specific issue, country, category, or degree of importance for markets.

Detailed instructions can be found in the video

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